Class inequality in habanastation a movie by ian padron

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> Ian Padron's Habanastation (Spanish) at 10 am, Audi 1 > V Shantaram's Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani at 10 am, Audi 2 > Kireet Khurana's The Leftist Sufi (documentary on Saeed Mirza) at 6 pm, Audi 2.

Habanastation is Padr?n?s first full-length feature, and a classic example of Cuban cinema in the style pioneered by the late movie-making icon Tom?s Gutierrez. In a discussion after the movie, a young psychology student — moved by the beauty of the movie — said with total conviction: “Despite class differences, harmony can prevail.” Carlos and Mayito in Habanastation.

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Class Inequality in Habanastation, a Movie by Ian Padron ( words, 3 pages) When the movie, Habanastation, first started, I was a bit skeptical as to whether I would find the movie enjoyable. Many times, I find myself overwhelmed in foreign films since much of my focus is reading subtitles.

6 00 - 9 00 pm Cuba. Oct class inequality in habanastation a movie by ian padron 8: pm bero-American Film Showcase Habanastation tells Ian Padrn Drama / / 96 min Spanish with English subtitles The latest Cuban movie has provided a bit of relief The new film Habanastation.

Class inequality in habanastation a movie by ian padron
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