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Note: links to third party sites are provided because they encourage participation in the Hugo Awards. WSFS does not endorse the recommendations that they make, nor any other content of those sites. The world of Science was closed to Black minds until a group of brilliant men and women brought inventions and innovations to the world.

These are the heroes who altered history and the world of Science.

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George Bernard Dantzig (/ ˈ d æ n t s ɪ ɡ /; November 8, – May 13, ) was an American mathematical scientist who made important contributions to industrial engineering, operations research, computer science, economics, and statistics.

Dantzig is known for his development of the simplex algorithm, an algorithm for solving linear programming problems, and for his other work with. Articles and reviews by George Johnson. Chronologically and by topic.

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Links to my column, Raw Data, and other pieces are also listed on the New York Times site. Leon Lederman, 96, Explorer (and Explainer) of the Subatomic World New York Times, October 3, Why We Should Never Expect to Discover Sentient Ice Cubes New York Times Book Review, August 13,

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