Science chemistry coursework

Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Programs

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Biology Major Requirements

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Pre-professional Undergraduate Coursework

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universities which allow for coursework taken in the Associate of Science degree program at Columbus State to transfer and apply to a bachelor’s degree. The Associate of Science, Chemistry transfer major is intended to provide students with the first two years of college chemistry.

Superior Research Facilities. The Applied Science program provides cutting-edge labs and equipment designed with your needs in mind.

Forensic Science, Associate of Science

Dubbed “the finest science building in the UW System,” Jarvis Hall provides you with the foremost facilities and instruments, so you can become an innovator in. The Forensic Science Associate of Science (A.S.) degree provides the foundation for students who plan to pursue a bachelor's or a master's degree in forensic science.

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter. It is through an understanding of chemistry that the products that have benefited society were discovered, and technologies to sustain the environment were put in place.

In addition to general chemistry you will also study analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, chemical literature, biochemistry, and physical chemistry.

Significant coursework in biological science includes cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, and genetics.

Science chemistry coursework
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