Structural violence

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Structural Violence, Poverty, and Social Suffering

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Explaining Difference: “Culture,” “Structural Violence,” and Medical Anthropology

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Structural violence in Haiti

The term “structural violence” is one way of describing social arrangements that put individuals and populations in harm's way (see Box 1) [].The arrangements are structural because they are embedded in the political and economic organization of our social world; they are violent because they cause injury to people (typically, not those responsible for.

This article examines the interrelationships among structural violence, poverty and social suffering. It begins with a vignette from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, that puts a face on structural violence.

It then traces the historical roots and characteristic features of the concept of structural violence and goes on to discuss its relationship to other types of violence. Structural violence is a term commonly ascribed to Johan Galtung, which he introduced in the article "Violence, Peace, and Peace Research" ().

It refers to a form of violence wherein some social structure or social institution may harm people by preventing them from meeting their basic needs.

Structural violence

This article examines the interrelationships among structural violence, poverty and social suffering. It begins with a vignette from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, that puts a face on structural violence. By juxtaposing this with the word “violence,” however, Farmer’s concept of “structural violence” forces our attention to the forms of suffering and injustice that are deeply embedded in the ordinary, taken-for-granted patterns of the way the world is.

From this follow some important and very challenging insights. Structural violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals. Structural violence is subtle, often invisible, and often has no one specific person who can (or will) be held responsible (in .

Structural violence
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